Friday, September 29, 2006

Just back from the Ulearn conference. What a lot of thought provoking ideas and new challenges for us all. Gay & I will be focussing on getting schools in our area (who are not on ICT contracts), to make even greater use of technology during Discovery Time. We've come back really fired up so watch this space...we'll report back on how we're getting on (or ask for your help when we run into problems!)

Thank you to all those who came to our workshop - your enthusiastic response was fantastic. We hope there are lots of DT sessions starting up next term. We'd love to hear about them so leave a comment on the site.

I'm trying to remember the things we said we would put on the blog....

Firstly - Information on key competencies. I recommended a background paper by Rosemary Hipkins. This is a lengthy document (85 pages) but worth reading if you are leading your school in professional development on key competencies.

Secondly - We remembered after the workshop that we hadn't mentioned linking the session to your writing programme. We get some wonderful writing from children following the Discovery Time sessions. They always have plenty to write about and make some really insightful and reflective comments about their learning.

Thirdly - We also thought we should say that if your whole syndicate is going to do DT avoid the temptation to have the students move between rooms (unless you spend most of your time in a true team teaching situation). Feedback from teachers and our own experience lead us to believe that this time is invaluable for observing and interacting with your students. This is a time to strengthen your relationship with, and increase your understanding of every child in your class. For this to happen you need to have them with you.

I'll post again in the next few days
Have a relaxing holiday