Monday, October 30, 2006

Photography and movie making

Discovery Time provides the perfect opportunity for a small enthusiastic group to:

  • capture the action happening in the class
  • experiment and explore possibilities for themselves
  • get teacher guidance if needed
  • be creative

In a year 6 class last week a group became enthusiastic about a collection of dolls I had bought. We let them lose with the digital camera and these are some of the photos they came up with.

They now plan to use the movie maker software to put the still pictures into a digital story.

Movie Maker is on windows XP. Go into 'start' / 'all programmes'. If you can't see it there (the icon is a film reel) then look under 'accessories'. Right click on it and select 'send to desk top'. The icon will then appear on the desktop so that students can find it easily.

The programme is very user friendly and with minimal guidance your techno savvy juniors will soon master it. Older students should just about be able to work it out for themselves.