Monday, December 05, 2005

What teachers are saying about Discovery Time...

"It gives us a chance to stand back and observe, to get to
know the children and to build relationships with individuals."

"It allows children to take control of their own learning."

"It's a good time for social skill development, for sharing and getting on with others."

"It allows us to extend and expand the class programme."

"Children can consolidate learning and confirm ideas. They can reflect and verbalize what they have learned."

" You can structure the session to meet oral language needs."

"It gives teachers time to take a step back and let the kids go for it."

"It is easy to cater for different abilities - one activity can be taken on many levels."

"Provides hands on learning opportunities."

"A great platform for written language."

"It's fun - joining in with the kids takes some of the pressure off."

"Students get stuck in and involved - there are no behaviour problems."

"The unplanned things are often the 'wow' things when the best learning occurs."

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