Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Magic of Thinking - Tony Ryan
Gay and I went to this seminar in Wellington last night. The mention of 'higher order thinking strategies' had caught our attention. Here are just one or two snippets from a highly stimulating three hour session.

Higher order thinking can be encouraged through:
- An endless range of great frameworks (Blooms, Habits of Mind, 6 Hats).
- The use of HOT questions
- Graphic organisers
- contextual thinking experiences (cooperative learning structures are great)

The HOT questions really caught my attention
examples: Why are at least 90% pf websites around the world written in English?
How do wings work?
Which toy would choose you?

HOT questions should 'stretch' the thinking and present a cognitive challenge.
We can think of HOT questions for every topic we might be studying - children have fun thinking of them too.
We should be using them hundreds of times a week!

So what has all this got to do with Discovery Time?
I believe strongly, that it is the quality of teachers' thinking and questioning that determines the quality of a Discovery Time session.
We need to be using 'open ended' and 'HOT' questions to encourage higher order thinking during Discovery Time.

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Tony Ryan said...

Great sitem gang. Congrats. Love the focus on open-ended questioning. And you know, it makes me ponder which questions would challenge our students to discover who they really are. Perhaps something like:

Q. What do you want to discover about yourself this year?

Q. What do you want to discover about your world this year?

In fact, why not consider those questions in your own life?? And then go and share your responses with another enthusiast for life?

Stay High. Tony Ryan.