Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ulearn06 conference starts next week in Christchurch

For those of you attending our workshop here are some useful references.

Are We Fixing the Wrong Things?
Yong Zhao, (2006). Educational Leadership. vol 63. no 8. p28-31.

Children are less able than they used to be.
The Guardian Jan 24, 2006

Moving up the Grades: Relationship between Preschool Model and Later School Success
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Three Rs to make room for life skills
The Age. March 30, 2004

Hurry! Hurried! Hurrumph!
NSW Dept. of Education
Education Horizons Vol 8. no 5, 2005.

If you have trouble locating any of these, contact me and I'll be happy to send them.


Room 9 said...

I have just returned from Ulearn and am dissapointed I did not have the opportunity to see your Discovery Time presentation.My friends were very impressed. I did my teacher training in the 70's and have always continued to run a developmental programme on a regular basis. It is really good to know this form of teaching is still being practiced.
I would love to be a ble to get a copy of your presentation notes.
Keep up the good work.
Cherryl Eden
Richmond Primary School.

Brenda Martin said...

Thank you Cherryl
I'm sorry I only just got your comment (Feb 18th) don't know what happened there! I will send you some info this week. Brenda

leo said...

Hey Thank you somuch

I stumbled upon your site and feel fasinated , I am wondering that if I can use in my classroom , we are teachers from China , I don't know if you are interested in getting more reflection from a cross culutre viewpoint , like do you have some pretest or posttest for the kids .

we are primary school here , like 10 -12 years old ,

btw I do need those articles , could you please send them to me to

anyway I look forward to hearing from you !! thank you