Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Modern life leads to more depression among children
In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, 110 teachers, psychologists, children's authors and other experts express their concern at the rising incidence of childhood depression and children's behavioural and developmental conditions.

They write that children... " still need what developing human beings have always needed, including real food (as opposed to processed "junk"), real play (as opposed to sedentary, screen-based entertainment), first-hand experience of the world they live in and regular interaction with real-life significant adults in there lives.

They also need time. In a fast-moving hypercompetitive culture, today's children are expected to cope with an ever-earlier start to formal schoolwork and an overly academic test-driven primary curriculum."

In response the Daily Telegraph has launched a campaign, Hold on to Childhood. Letters and emails of support have poured in.

Check out the website above for the letter in full.

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