Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC)
At Windley school, the wonderful Jacki and her two cohorts run a Discovery session three mornings a week from 9.00 - 12.30 (Monday year 5-6, Tuesday year 7-8 and Wednesday year 3-4). She also writes a weekly newsletter to keep the classroom teachers in touch with what is happening.

Last week the Key Competencies selected were:

Thinking - making connections
Managing Self - being organised, making own plans and choices
Relating to others - including others

The theme - The Moon

Ambitious aren't they!!!!!

The following is an excerpt from last weeks newsletter (names of students have been changed)

"Continuing on the celestial theme we focussed on the moon. There are a huge amount of resources and endless possibilities - hmmmm, maybe not a field trip this time... It was surely a recipe for success with astronauts, spacecraft and space. Well, that is what we thought - but unfortunately we had a pretty disastrous session on the Monday with the year 5-6 group. There was a point where Michelle and I looked at each other in despair across the whirlwind that the LEC had become. Yes we had no control, but the children were all engaged. Technically that should have been OK, after all that is sort of the general idea, but there was a rising sense of tension in both of us and the children were picking up on it! Back to the drawing board for session 2 and we tightened up the programme a lot... "

Oh yes, we all have those moments!

"...One of our successes was Thomas, who really embraced the theme and created a fantastic moonscape complete with rocket that actually blasted off (with the aid of a pulley). It was great to see him with his old spark.

Another joy is Malo, who is very focussed and enthusiastic about everything! He is so keen to be independent of a teacher instead carefully watching the other children to figure out how to do things. He is a great risk taker and in this environment he is in his element.

Tama is a mix of a challenge and a delight. He turns up each morning at 8am and will work on something and actually get good results, however when the bell rings and the rest of the group arrive, he loses the plot. He does make great connections in his learning though (while pretending that he isn't really listening!) We were discussing the fact that the moon is an orb and he yells out (not the shy and retiring type), "like the orb web, cos that's round as well" YES! That was connecting learning he had from week 2 this term. And that's what keeps us here - 'cos sometimes across the mess, amidst the paint and the glue, and through the noise, there are glimmers of brilliance. which makes you realise what a lot of dirt you have to sift through to find the gold. BUT - We are sure that it is there somewhere."

Next week - VOLCANOES (We are in the mood for some explosive action).

Many thanks Jacki

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