Sunday, November 11, 2007

Anyone for sushi?

The class were finding out about rice - How it grows, where it grows etc. We thought we should include some 'rice' activities in Discovery Time.

We started with fried rice, using the electric frypan in the classroom - a great success, so then thought we could move on to sushi... A bit ambitious as none of us had made sushi before!
(purchased a sushi kit at the supermarket - with full instructions).

But hey! great success! A wonderful activity with great opportunities for oral language.

  • Describing the smell of the nori
  • Cutting 'thin' rather than 'thick' pieces of cucumber
  • Dividing the sushi rolls in 'half' then 'half' again
  • Finding words to describe the wasabi - those that were game enough to taste it!
We also had fun practising with chopsticks!

Best of all, by working in small groups of four, everyone who wanted to make sushi could and there was enough for everyone to have a taste.

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