Saturday, July 19, 2008

Basic Equipment for Discovery Time
I have just had a request from Angi for some ideas for equipment - especially for role play, so here goes.

We always look for things that are open ended, that children can use over and over again in different ways.

We try and buy quality, things that will last! This may cost more initially but is worth it in the long run. Along side this is the need to teach children how to look after equipment; to keep track of the little pieces and not leave things where they can be trodden on (especially lids of boxes etc).

We also purchase plastic boxes to keep things in - especially large flat ones that the children can work from rather than tip the contents out. The 'underbed' storage boxes work especially well for LEGO.

Specific items:
Tea sets - especially ones that go beyond cups saucers and teapots! children get much more inventive when they have pots and pans, plates, cutlery and food items. Watch out for ones that include food from other countries.

Cash register


Train sets - with lots of track

Construction sets - LEGO, Knex, Gears Gears Gears

Dress up clothes - I've found a teacher this year who has made her own and they are brilliant. Very simple designs but in a range of fabrics that seem to give kids lots of ideas for drama. I will take some photos when I get back to school to give more ideas as they really work well.

I've also been thinking recently that a collection of old sheets would work well for building huts etc.

Farm sets
Zoo sets

Building blocks - large & small

Dolls - see the groovy girls in an earlier blog

Hope this helps to get people started. If anyone has ideas to share please add a comment or send some photos.

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