Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bruce Hammond

We've just had our teacher only day with Bruce Hammond. Fantastic! Provided a vision of where we can head with the new curriculum... and yes Discovery Time fits right in!

  • Allowing students to direct their own learning.
  • Providing opportunities for 'hands on' experiential learning.
  • Educating the 'whole child' - social / emotional, physical and cognitive - finding the 'spark' in each student.
  • Understanding the importance of play and exploration in making learning connections.
  • Encouraging creativity.

All part of the new vision for education - but is it new? Suddenly one starts to feel somewhat old! Haven't we been here before? References to Sylvia Ashton Warner, Elwyn S Richardson and of course Dewey and Vygotsky. Comforting somehow that what was for a time lost, has been found again. Roll on the new year!

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