Thursday, July 09, 2009

'Hands-on' learning
Discovery Time is alive and well in Dunedin!

We were hosted by the RTLB team at Wakari School and visited six of their schools. What a wonderful range of exciting 'hands-on' learning opportunities we were treated to.

Here are just a few that might provide some inspiration...

Disecting sheeps hearts!

The week before it was sheeps eyes!
The kids loved it.

Then there was decontruction!
"How does this printer work?"
"Which screwdriver do I need to get this bit off?"

"So that's where the ink comes from!"

Then we went down town and found this fabulous reconstruction at the Gallery De Novo.
Made us wonder about all those bits from the printer could be turned into...

Recycled metal spider
Artist: Chris Meder

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